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Double Prawn Herbal Oil

Double Prawn Herbal Oil


Made in Singapore
Relieves Pain (Trade Mark)

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Effective for:
1. Toothache and stomachache.
2. Hong Kong foot and other sores.
3. Insect stings and bites.
4. Skin eruption.
5. Muscle aches and sprain.
6. Minor burns and scalds.
7. Relieves body aches and pains.
8. Itching and swelling.


Double Prawn Medicated Oil is a combination of Eastern and Western medicines and is processed under highly scientific and hygienic conditions.


It is the ideal medicine for all kinds of skin diseases,tooth-ache etc. It is fully guaranteed for its effectiveness and is non-toxic. It is advisable to keep Double Prawn Medicated Oil handy especially when travelling. Double Prawn Medicated Oil will prove immense value also to those who live in the isolated country-side.


For sprains,rheumatic pain,itching etc.,wet cotton wool with Double Prawn Medicated Oil and rub the affected part several times a day until completely cured.


For minor open wounds,bites,burns,etc,etc.,apply Double Prawn Medicated Oil as dressing with cotton wool. Dressing should be changed when cotton wool dries. Continue treatment until completely cured.


Double Prawn Medicated Oil is available from all medical shops throughout Malaysia and Singapore.  Do not accept substitutes. Make sure that is Double Prawn Medicated Oil.


Company Profile:
Tai Tong Ah Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 1953 by Mr. Yeoh Liew Kung,a physician in traditional Chinese medicine.


Mr. Yeoh produced the Double Prawn Brand Herbal Oil from a secret formula passed down from his forefathers.  He started using Herbal Oil to treat friends and neighbors suffering from various common afflictions such as wounds and insect bites. Herbal Oil turned out to be extremely effective for treating skin diseases and tooth-ache.  With strong encouragement from satisfied users,Mr. Yeoh decided to start a small business to manufacture and sell the herbal oil. He also produced a range of other TCM products over the years. Presently,the 2 main products of the company are Herbal and Rumagon,a medical oil for the relief of rheumatic pain and muscle aches.


The use of 2 prawns in the brand makes the brand easily recognizable to children and adults alike.  Among the many satisfied users over the years,the ‘Double Prawn’ brand is immediately associated with a highly effective multi-purpose family medicinal product,ideal for treating a wide range of skin diseases.

Kinohimitsu Hot Health Pad

Kinohimitsu Hot Health Pad
(2 pcs)


Made In Japan
Patented Warming Micro-Capsule
US FDA Certified As Medical Device


Helps Sooth Muscle Fatigue & Pain
Helps Soothe Bruises & Stiff Shoulder
Helps Relieve Cold Feet & Body Numbness
Helps Expel Harmful Wastes From The Body
Revitalize Your Body Enabling More Effective Functioning of All Body Parts

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Decades of research and countless successful results have proven that wastes may be removed from the soles of the feet because the reflex points for the whole body are connected there.


Kinohimitsu Hot Health Pad offers various benefits that help expel harmful wastes from the body and enhance your overall well-being even while you are sleeping.


Specially formulated using advanced technology,harnessing a secret formula by absorbing the energy from trees plus combination of natural ingredients and F.I.R(Far Infra-Red). This makes it ideal for maintaining health in a relaxing way.


By placing the Kinohimitsu Hot Health Pad on the soles before sleeping,the white pad turn brown,grey or even black to indicate absorption of wastes by morning. Repeated usage will result in the colour getting lighter and lighter every morning,indicating that the amount of wastes is getting lesser and lesser.


Foot Reflexology helps in relieving body aches,improve the condition of joint related pains and activating body cells,improving blood circulation,relaxation of muscles,supporting healthy immune system,enhancing metabolism,improving sleeping quality,feeling more refreshed and energetic.


Starch,Microcapsule,Heat-storing Polysaccharide,Chitosan,Eucalyptus Oil,Mugwort Extract,Loquat (Japanese Medlar) Extract,Vitamin C,Tourmaline,Warming Pigment,Agaricus Powder.

Red Sun Takara

Red Sun Takara


Made In Japan
Dispel Waste From Feet For Better Health

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“Red Sun Takara” Natural Tree Extract Plasters are produced from Japan with the latest advanced technology to tap the restorative extracts from natural wood of selected tree trunks.


It is a common knowledge that tree trunks have numerous tiny tubes that are able to draw water and nutrients through the roots and up to all other parts of the tree. Basing on this fact,“Red Sun Takara” Natural Tree Extract Plasters are used to dispel waste products from our body,through the reflexology points on the soles of our feet to improve on the health condition of our whole body.


The Theory of Reflexology explained that every organ and system of our body is represented by a specific point on the soles of our feet. Hence,by applying the “Red Sun Takara” Natural Tree Extract Plaster on the sole of our foot every night before bedtime,we can help our body to dispel waste products accumulated from the food we eat and the polluted air we breathe in. In the morning after it is applied,there will be a colour change on the plaster,the darkness of the colour reveals the health condition of the person. When used frequently,the colour of the plaster will appear lighter as the person’s health improves.


Active Ingredients:
Wood Vinegar,Bamboo Vinegar,Vitamin C,Chitin and Chitosan Dokudami,Shokubutsuseni,Loquat Leaf.

Salonpas Patch

Salonpas Patch
(12 patches)


Be more active

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Ideal size and combination of active ingredients for Katakori,Japanese for stiffness in the neck and shoulders
For stiffness and tightness of neck to shoulders after intensive deskwork,nighttime driving or reading.


Each patch is attached to a green reversible backing film. Apply the patch after peeling off the backing film.


Active ingredients:
Methyl Salicylate  6.3%
Menthol 5.7%
Camphor 1.2%


For Information:
Once you apply SALONPAS® patches to the neck and/or to the shoulders,the active ingredients quickly pass through the keratinous layer,epidermis and dermis. These ingredients then penetrate into the bloodstream through the capillary vessels,providing fast,effective pain relief where it's needed most.


Company Profile:
In the century-and-a-half since our founding,we have endeavored to bring patch care the broad acceptance it now enjoys.


Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical was founded in the mid-19th century under the name of Komatsuya. The company went on to create a large variety of health-related products,and has been the organization responsible for the promotion of new ideas based on its comprehensive system encompassing research,development,manufacturing,and sales. Salonpas was in fact introduced in 1934,and with its outright effectiveness achieved the position of market leadership it continues to hold today. Salonpas was developed through the application of Asahi Mankinko,the prototype therapeutic patch or that we introduced back in 1903.

Three Legs Cough Relief

Three Legs Cough Relief
(120 ml)
cough syrup

No alcohol
Relieves coughs
Loosens and expels phlegm
Soothes irritated throats
Product of Malaysia

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Each teaspoon (5ml) contains:
Guaiphenesin B.P 100 mg, Peppermint Oil 20 mg, Menthol 2 mg, Sodium Benzoate 5 mg.

Adults: 10 ml - 20 ml or 2 - 4 teaspoons
6 - 12 years: 5 ml - 10 ml or 1 - 2 teaspoons
2 - 6 years:  2.5 ml - 5 ml or 1/2 - 1 teaspoon

To be taken every 4 hours or use as directed by your doctor.

As an expectorant for the symptomatic relief of cough due to colds.

Side Effects:
Less frequently occurs of diarrhea, nausea & vomiting and stomach pain.

Hypersensitivity to Guaiphenesin.

Store at room temperature. Keep medicines out of reach of children.

Company Profile:
TheWen Ken Group, manufacturers and suppliers of the famous Three LegsBrand of OTC and traditional household pharmaceuticals, had humblebeginnings. When the company was founded in 1937, members of the fourSingaporean Chinese families who started it would load up suitcaseswith their secret traditional recipes of the Three Legs products, andset off on foot to deliver to their customers. Later, the families hadit easier, as they invested in delivery vans-symbols of the group'ssuccess and growth. Since then, each generation has contributed to theremarkable growth of the Wen Ken Group, so that it is now one of thelargest and most respected OTC and traditional medicine companies inAsia, with a customer base of over one billion people.

The firm says the Three Legs logo holds a special meaning for them.

Mr.Fu Siang Jenn, 35, director of the Wen ken group, said: ‘If you look atthe symbol (of the three legs), one of them is actually kneeling down.It symbolizes that we listen to our consumers and customers – humilityand what it is that they want.

‘It also symbolizes balancing the harmony between the four families,’ he said.
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