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BIC Disposable Classic Shaver            (twin pack)

BIC Classic Shaver (disposable) – twin pack
(2 x 5pcs)


A single-blade shaver that delivers an easy and simple shave.

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Key Benefits
- Great value
- Single blade for ease of cleaning
- Gives a smooth and close shave for sensitive skin
- Product range includes BIC® Classic Sensitive ( yellow handle ) and BIC® Original ( white handle ) for normal skin.


Key Features
- Triple honed
- Teflon treated
- Grooved polystren protection bar
- Polymeric and chrome platinum covering
- Orange coloured,grooved,polystrene handle
- Top quality and specially designed geometry stainless steel blade


Company Profile:
It all started in 1945 when he and his friend,Edouard Buffard,acquired at little cost an empty factory shell near Paris. They had no machines,no products,no customers and very little capital. Marcel Bich’s sound knowledge of the writing instrument trade enabled him to see the enormous potential of the ballpoint pen. By 1950,Mr. Bich launched his first ballpoint pen,which fully satisfied his demanding criterias: a precision instrument which wrote evenly and reliably for a long time,and which would be sold for an affordable price.

The product was right,the price was right,the time was right. The name became right - BIC – short,simple,attention-capturing,in any language. A simple,yet effective,award-winning advertising campaign led the new BIC pen and the young company to success.

Today,BIC is the world's no.1 manufacturer of ballpoint pens and is a leader in all three of its markets. Every day,consumers all over the world choose to buy more than 24 million BIC stationery products,5 million BIC lighters and 10 million BIC shavers.

Carefree Super Dry Longs Panty Liners

Carefree Panty Liners Longs
(20 pads)


Extra Protection, 20% extra coverage, Moisture proof backing, Wide Adhesive strip and dermatologically tested and provided for the consumers comfort.

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Carefree Panty Liners Long gives you extra protection so you can feel cleaner and fresher everyday. 20% extra coverage gives you maximum confidence while moisture proof backing provides protection against leakage and wide adhesive strip keeps panty liners securely in place. It is dermatologically tested against allergy and irritation for consumer’s satisfaction.


Components: Nonwoven cover, Wood pulp, Adhesives, PE backing, Silicone-coated paper

DetTol Anti Bacterial Soap

Dettol Anti Bacterial Soap
(4 X 120gm)


Protect you and your dear ones from disease-causing bacteria

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- Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria. 
- Contains an active skin moisturiser. 
- Leaves skin reassuringly clean and moisturised.


Sodium palmate,Sodium cocoate,Pine oil,Titanium dioxide,Sillicone emulsion,Pigment yellow 1,Talc,AOS,Perfume,Chloroxylenol.

Dr. P (M size adult diapers)

Dr. P Basic (adult diapers)
(M size - 10pcs)


Antibiosis & Deodorization added – Wetness Indicator

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Hip size:
M: 81-111cm,32”-44” inch
L: 101-139cm,40”-55” inch


High Speed “O” Channel
- With the linking channels design,running liquid spread faster than before.


Wetness Indicator
- Only at a glance you have known if the diaper should be changed. To maintain the healthy skin,an appropriate changing routine should be followed.


The method of lie-down:
1. Let the patient lie on the side. Open the diaper and make the hind tape upward. Open the further left or right side to the patient
2. Let the patient turn to the other side,then open the other side of the diaper.
3. Let the patient lie on the back,then pull the front side to the belly. Fasten the tapes to the correct area. Adjust the flexible pleats to make a better fit.


Point for your attention:
Please change diapers at the appropriate time. So the patient can keep clean and dry skin.
Do not let the tape get in touch with the skin or body powder.


Handling after use:
after using a disposable diaper,please dispose of feces in the toilet,be careful not to drop the diaper into the toilet bowl,afterwards,it can be disposed of as flammable garbage. Do not litter,keep the environment clean.

Durex Fetherlite Condoms

Durex Fetherlite Condoms


PSB Tested
Ultra Fine Condoms
100% Electronically Tested
ISO 4074:2002


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Durex easy-on condoms are now shaped to be easier to put on and to provide a better fit and feel during lovemaking. Durex Fetherlite condoms are ultra fine for extra sensitivity.


Use a condom only once. Non-vaginal use of condoms may increase the risk of them slipping or being damaged. No method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy,HIV or sexually transmitted infections. Dermatologically tested.


Transparent,shaped,teat-ended,natural rubber latex condoms with a non-spermicidal lubricant. Nominal width of 52.5mm.


Company Profile:
Durex the brand is owned by SSL international. SSL International Plc (SSL) was formed in July 1999 through the merger of Seton Scholl Healthcare plc and the London International Group plc.

SSL is a multinational healthcare business,manufacturing well-known brands including Durex condoms,Scholl foot-care and footwear products,Marigold household gloves and a number of over the counter consumer products.

SSL is the world's leading condom manufacturer with its Durex brand of condoms. Sold in over 150 countries worldwide and market leader in more than 40 markets,the Durex brand accounts for 26% of the world's four billion condom market,making it the No1 condom brand in the world.

SSL currently operates 17 either wholly owned or jointly owned manufacturing facilities in eight countries and has offices in 35 countries.

The Durex brand name was derived from the three principal attributes of the product – Durability,Reliability and Excellence. The brand name was registered in 1935.

The Durex brand is credited with many developments in the modern evolution of the condom. These include the first lubricated condom,the first anatomically shaped condom and more recently,the world's first non-latex condom.

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