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A Loyal Tribute To The Thai King (72nd Birthday)

A Loyal Tribute To The Thai King (72nd Birthday)

comes with a rosewood case
total number of tracks: 14
total running time: 63:45
manufactured in U.S.A

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Music is a part of my life whether it is jazz or another form. Music is in the soul of everyone and is very important in our lives. For myself, music is artistic and beautiful. Everyone should enjoy all kinds of music because each kind is suitable to their taste. Talking about playing music is once again different. If I decided to play classical music and had someone making loud noises, it would disturb me because classical music requires a lot of concentration. I would not feel very relaxed at all and would have to watch the notes that had to be played very precisely. I would rather play jazz as I could play whatever I desired. Even if someone made some noises, I would consider it as background music and if I make a mistake it can be considered as part of my new composition.

( The above speech is from His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great the American press on the Voice of American National Broadcasting Station, 21 June, 1960)

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's brilliance in playing, writing and composing songs is not only known to the Thai people but also to the world especially jazz music. We all are unable to deny His Majesty's experience and unsurpassed capabilities in playing saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and many other brass instruments.

Although his main love and desire are in jazz, classical music has become part of his music work too.

This experience in the early years has made his knowledge and ability to produce many pieces of excellent quality music. This includes pop, jazz, light music and even classical.

On 3 October 1964, His Majesty proved to be the Great Composing King, when the Neder Ursdor Reiss Tonkunsler Orchestra by Heinz Walberg performed the Royal composed songs of Manohra, Saifon, Yamyen, March Rachanawickyothin and March Rachawallop at the concert hall in Vienna. At the same time, the Austrian Government made a live broadcast on the Central Radio Station.

His Majesty The King's Musical Compositions.
His Majesty the King's musical training started while he was a schoolboy in Switzerland. He attended lessons in classical music and musical notation for two years.His interest in jazz developed during this early period. He studied the works of famous jazz musicians comparing their diverse styles of musical expressions. He soon played along with the recording of Sidney Bechet's soprano saxophone, John Hodges alto saxophone and Duke Ellington's piano music.

On the occasion of His Majesty The King's 72nd Birthday, we have pleasure in introducing a Special Tribute CD in his honor. A Loyal Tribute to His Majesty The King On The Illustrious Occasion of His 72nd Birthday The King is respected by all the Thai people and our Company, KS Sonsgroup Co., Ltd., feel privileged that we were able to co-ordinate with DMP of the U.S.A. in manufacturing this special Tribute. There are 2 versions of the CD. One is produced in Gold and the other is Aluminum.

A rosewood case has been specially made for the Gold CD. The Aluminum CD comes in a hardback cover.

Both CD's have been recorded by the new technology Direct Stream Digital, (DSD) produced by the best Jazz Band DMP All Stars, directed by Joe Beck. They have been manufactured in U.S.A. and surpass any CD ever produced for such an occasion.

From the sales KS Sonsgroup Co. Ltd. will donate some money for a charity, which is under The Royal Patronage of His Majesty The King.

KS Sonsgroup Co., Ltd. would like to express their gratitude to Dr. Sumeth Tantivetchakul, Secretary of Chaipatana Foundation Police General Kraisook Sinsook, former Deputy Commissioner General.

**The Song Royal Blues No. 14 was specially composed by DMP All Stars Band in honor of The King.**

Please Note : Songs No 7 and No 14 will only be on the Gold CD, not the Aluminum CD.

All the songs are under the copyright of His Majesty The King, which is protected by The Federal Law.

Never Mind The H.M. Blues (5.02)
Somewhere Somehow (5.06)
When (4.05)
Love Light in My Head (3.01)
Magic Beams (4.53)
Oh I Say (5.06)
Dream Island (5.26)
Love in Spring (4.25)
Love At Sundown (3.46)
Lullaby (4.59)
H.M. Blues (3.57)
Falling Rain (5.12)
New Year Greetings (4.14)
Royal Blues (4.33.)
Total Running Time 63.45

Arrangee Dy: Joe Beck
Performers: Guitar/Piano: Joe Beck ; Vibraphone/Marimba: Dave Samuels
Bass : Lynn Seaton , Drums : Steve Davis , Saxophone : Bob Mintzer , Trumpet : Scoff Wendholt

Manufactured in USA. by Digital Music Products Inc CT06901
Distributed by KS Sonsgroup Co., Ltd Thailand. http://www.kssons.co.th
Digital Music Products, Inc. http://www.dmprecords.com

Unauthorised reproduction of this record is prohibited by Federal Law and is subject to prosecution.

2nd Floor Siam Paragon
Tel: 0-2129-4311-2
E-mail : info@kshomeplus.com

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