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QnsA_1_btn  How to find my preferred products?
QnsA_2_btn  What should I do after "Check Out"?
QnsA_3_btn  There is a wide variety of products, how do I know what I have selected?
QnsA_4_btn  How do I know if my order is successful or not?
QnsA_5_btn  Why am I charged with GST?
QnsA_6_btn  What are the methods of payment?
Qns7_btn  How can I check my order status?
Qns8_btn  What if I am looking for a product that grocerystore.com.sg does not carry?
Qns9_btn  Can I order by phone?
Qns10_btn  Need our help?


QnsA_1_btn  How to find my preferred products?
  Shopping at grocerystore.com.sg is as easy as abc. There are 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Locate products by browsing at Home page. The browsing menus are found at the home page and they are located on the left hand column of your screen (refer to image 1). The home page displays the Categories (Grocery, Personal Care, Pet Care, Promotions) and links to special offers. Click at these categories to see the Sub-category (Beverage & Water, Breakfast, Diary Products, Hot Beverage, Instant Food, Liquor and etc.). Click at selection of item groups (carbonated soft drinks, energy and isotonic drinks, canned meat, canned soup, Cadbury, M&M chocolates, diapers, milk powder, shampoo, body soap) available within. Click the item and you will see a detailed explanation of the item's features.


Step 2: Type in keyword at Product Search bar. The space bar is located at the top of every display page. Find your favourite or specific items by entering a brand name, an item description, or just type in keywords in the space bar (refer to image 2). Example key-in; drinks, green tea, chocolate, Milo, Coca cola, and etc. A list of matching items will be displayed that best match your search.


Step 3: When you find the items you want to buy, click "Add" (refer to image 3). You can view or change the contents of your trolley at anytime. When you have finished shopping, run through your item list in your trolley and click "Check out" (refer to image 4).



bigArrow imageA_4
QnsA_2_btn  What should I do after "Check Out"?

You will see our login screen.
If this is your first purchase with grocerystore.com.sg, create your account at "I am a new customer" box (refer to image 5) to set up your account and key in your information. Your default password for your account is "mypassword". To change the default password, simply go to "My Account" to reset.
Check all your information is correct and click the "Continue" button (refer to image 6).

The next page will show your Order Details (refer to image 7). Click the “Order Now” button to go next with your payment type.



 There is a wide variety of products, how do I know what I have selected?

Just like any supermarket, grocery store or mini-mart, we provide trolleys for your shopping. No more pushing of full loaded trolley or carry loaded and heavy basket.
Customer's trolley is just display at the right hand corner of the screen (refer to Image 8).

A Supermarket Trolley Calculator (automatic) is also accompanied during your online shopping. Select and click at the products that you want to buy, and your list will appear immediately at the trolley displayed column. Prices are automatically calculated so you can check your shopping budget. To change the quantity, use the plus and minus buttons in the trolley calculator. You can also key in the exact quantity in the box at product display page.


 How do I know if my order is successful or not?

By submitting your order and payment (nets or cash) to us, you are also generating a sales order with your purchase information to us. Immediately, you will receive an e-mail confirmation titled “Order Confirmed?for your submission. This e-mail contains your order number, product details, payment type and delivery schedule.
Customer must retain these e-mail or printout a copy for order and payment references or enquiry purposes.
**Please note that you may not always receive our e-mails due to junk/spam filter that may be in place. If you do not receive any of the mentioned e-mails, please contact us immediately through email or phone.


 Why am I charged with GST?

In accordance with the State law, being a Goods and Service Tax (GST) registered company, we are required to charge sales tax in transactions and services. We do not benefit from the collection of sales tax and we remit all taxes collected directly to the appropriate taxing authority. The sales tax amount will be displayed on the checkout section of the site.
The tax amount will be added automatically to your purchase price.


 What are the methods of payment?

We offer 2 type of payment method at any of your convenience.

1. NETS payment upon delivery.

Portable NETS machine will be available at your door step upon order delivery. Pay by any local ATM bank card.

2. C.O.D.

Cash upon delivery. We accept Singapore Dollars only.


  How can I check my order status?

Your order information is located under ‘My Account’ tabs at the top of the page. You may view the status of your order, check the delivery timing and look at which items you have ordered. Login to view. 


 What if I am looking for a product that grocerystore.com.sg does not carry?

The most popular brands in Singapore will be available. However if you cannot find what you are looking for in our online supermarket, simply click on the “Product Request” tab at the top of the page and type in the product brand and description. We will consider all customer requests and keep you informed once the product is available.


 Can I order by phone?

This service is available for regular and return customers, payment method by cash/nets only. We accept phone orders during normal office hours from 9.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 9.30am to 1.00pm.


 Need our help?

If you encounter problems with placing an order online, send us an e-mail . Our friendly colleague will assist you.


QnsA_1_btn   Do I need to register to shop?

No, it is not necessary to register and shop at grocerystore.com.sg. You may begin shopping right away. Automatically, you are grocerystore.com.sg customer once you make your first purchase at grocerystore.com.sg online supermarket.


 Should I create an account?

Creating an account makes your shopping more convenient. Your account stores your contact, billing and delivery address, so that you don’t have to key-in your information at every purchase. You can enjoy express checkout for payment, track your purchase, be inform on latest promotions, create personal shopping list for a party or for your next shopping with us.


 What can I do in my account?

You can update your contact information (e-mail, phone numbers); billing and delivery address or change your password. You can also view your purchase history, restore and repeat your past purchases, and quicker shopping with Wish List.


  Can I create an account first and shop next time? 

Yes, of course! All you need to do is fill in your information (address, e-mail and contact number) in the “Sign up”. On your next visit to www.grocerystore.com.sg, simply log in with your e-mail address and your password, and start your online grocery shopping!
At all time customers’ information are kept confidential. Contacts will only be use for order confirmation, delivery purposes, customer services, updates or changes related to online shopping at grocerystore.com.sg, your online grocery and supermarket.


 I forgot my password, can you help?

If you forgot your password, we can always forward to you by e-mail.


  What is a “Wish List”?

You can create a list of items that you wish to purchase in your next visit. It is a great help especially if you are planning for a birthday party, house warming, office events on the next month, or festive celebration like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and etc. By creating your list in advance, lets you have more time to do other thing.
It is also your personal shopping list; a compile list of grocery items to be purchased by a shopper. It also serves as a reminder and checklist during one’s shopping.  Most shoppers will scribble on a small piece of paper of the items they want to buy before setting off to the supermarkets. Well, we tend to be forgetful and left home without the list. At grocerystore.com.sg, you can prepare this list at finger tips instead of writing down.


  How to create my Wish List?

First do a login or sign up. Next, start selecting and click at the icon below the item. Your list will appear below the trolley (right hand side of your screen) and that’s it! Your list is automatically saved (refer to image 9). If you want to view or made any amendment, simply click at “view full details”.

The next time you log in at our site, you may retrieve the wish list at My Account and continue from where you have left off.


  Can I amend or reselect the items in my wish list?

Yes, you can. When you retrieve your wish list, just click at “Delete” button to remove the unwanted items. Please click the button, if you wish to add the item to the trolley. To review the product description, just click the "view" link.


  Can I retrieve my previous purchase as my current purchase?

Yes, you can as well. Login and go to My Account. Click on "review my previous order".
Browse the particular order number that you want, then under Restore, click "Yes".

If you want to buy the same items with same quantity on that particular order number, just click at "Proceed to checkout".

You may change the quantity, delete any items or add new items (go to continue shopping).


  My delivery address is changed, how should I inform you upon ordering?

You may update your personal or delivery information at ‘My Account’ tab at the top of the page. Please note that you must change your delivery details before placing any order, otherwise your delivery will go to the old address. 


  What is the minimum order and delivery charge?

Our concept is to help customer save time, save money and save energy (physical) with their grocery shopping. We just charge a small fee for each delivery. There is no minimum purchase required but we strongly discourage small purchase under S$20.00. You may not mind paying for delivery charges, it is however not cost effective for you, not time effective for other customers and our delivery man.  We offer FREE DELIVERY with purchase above $150.00

$6.00 (before GST) for Anytime delivery.
$8.00 (before GST) for Selected time delivery.
FREE DELIVERY with purchase above $150.00


  Can I change my delivery time?

Yes, you may change your delivery before the following timing (time is precious for all our customers and all orders are ready for scheduled delivery, we do not encourage changes if unnecessary.):

If your delivery is                                          You should inform us

Delivery from 9am onwards           :           by 9 pm on the previous day
Delivery from 1pm onwards           :           by 9am on the same day
Delivery from 5pm onwards           :           by 12 noon on the same day

Please e-mail us at help@grocerystore.com.sg to inform us of the changes.


  What are the delivery time slots available?

Our system will automatically advise you on the earliest time slot available.


 What if I am not at home when my delivery arrives?

If you are not home when your delivery is expected and/or arrives, we will contact you immediately. If we cannot reach you, we will leave behind a notification slip letting you know the time of our arrival. Our customer service officer will contact you again to reschedule new delivery timing. A $6.00 add-on will be charged for reschedule delivery.

Customers please take note: we try our best to maintain products’ goodness and freshness during our delivery to customers. Consumable products may deter its freshness if exposed for too long; unload from our van to your home and vice-versa. If you know you’re not home when delivery is expected, please arrange a family member (adult) to accept the delivery and/or make payment on your behalf.


 Do you deliver worldwide?

Currently, we deliver orders within mainland, Singapore or Singapore addresses. If you are a Singaporean living overseas and wish to purchase local products with us, please do not hesitate to email us at help@grocerystore.com.sg.  We will try our best to assist you.


 Can I return items which I am not satisfied?

When your delivery arrives, our delivery angels will go through everything with you and make sure all items are in good condition.  If your purchase item(s) are found damaged, simply return it back to us immediately. If there is item you would like to return after our delivery angels are gone, call our Customer Care at 6899 0100 or e-mail us at help@grocerystore.com.sg within 1-3 business days.

If you pay by NETS or cash and your return is upon delivery, your bill will be recalculated immediately or refund to you upon receiving your returned items.   


  Return Policy.

Returned items must be in their original packaging, unused and unopened. Customer must show proof of receipt (order number and payment receipt; NETS receipt) and sales invoices. There will be no exchange of products or refunds of payment for ALL promotional items.


 Other concern?/span>

If your premises need special pass for entry, please highlight to us.

Delivery Safety: to ensure the safety of our delivery angels, delivery time may be affected if there are bad weather or traffic conditions.